Our Firm officially cooperates with the “Department of Business Studies” of the School of Economics at the “Tor Vergata” Rome University, Economics & International Management, in carrying-out researches of an international nature. (Prot. 07/21/2008 DSI).




School of Economics

Department of Business Studies

Chair of Economics and International Management;

Chair of International Management and Global Productive Processes;

Chair of Economics and Management;

Research is currently directed towards the definition and analysis of:

·       Technical tools used in international operations;

·       Tools for international payments;

·       International Financial Funding;

·       Banking and Insurance guarantees in international trade;

·       Public institutions that operate in support of international trade;

·       International Contracts;

·       Joint Venture;

·       International Franchising;

as well as the analysis of the Middle-Eastern Market and its trade relations with the EU.