We act in the areas of Governance and of Management, with company operations of rational differentiation, structuring, integration and finalization with the aim of reaching a homeostasis, hence the company balance in its three components of economic balance, financial balance and organizational balance.
We assist the firm in changes of its life-cycle, that is to say in economic type changes (for example in the passage of enterpreneur founder to enterpreneur resumption, such as a successor or new entity) and in organizational changes.   .

We devise “Strategies” formalized on "Plans of Action" so as to adapt. In a strategic growth path we assist the firm during:

  • The horizontal expansion
  • The vertical integration
  • Diversification of production
  • Conglomeration
  • Setting-up of corporate groups

We assist during the phase of cooperation with other companies, and in the management of Networks, in particular those of Franchising.

We carry-out corporate investigation (or analysis) with the aim of monitoring and preventing Company Crises. In the case where a crisis is certain we offer our assistance for operations of:

  • restructuring
  • downsizing
  • leaving a sector and entering into another one
  • selling of the company
  • merging - splitting-up
  • settlement – bankruptcy

Analysis, feasibility studies and assistance in Outsourcing operations, relocation productions (in foreign markets) and disinvestments.

We intervene in various company functions (production, procurement, logistics and transport, finances) so as to increase efficacy and efficiency.