We assist our Clients in the analysis and marketing research; in the planning of international fiscal matters; opening of firms; stores; offices and subsidiaries in markets abroad; investments directed towards foreign countries (ID); joint or productive settlements abroad; relocations; cooperation with foreign business enterprises and creation of Joint-Ventures; Countertrade operations including buyback and offset ones.   

The Office assist its clients in all international transaction phases, in particular:

  • negotiation
  • due diligence (see the relative web page)
  • contract law
  • notarial, legal and consular acts
  • social agreements
  • international tax planning
  • accountancy, balances and fiscal obligations of foreign companies (see relative web page)
  • Domestic and Foreign Customs Operations
  • Formalities of Chamber, Economic and Monetary nature
  • Documentary credits (Letter of Credit)
  • editing, assistance and checking-over (proof-reading) of international documentation
  • SACE files
  • SIMEST files
  • Assistance and support in ICE practices (Foreign Trade Institute)

Furthermore, we develop Marketing plans on an international level, as well as organizational and structural interventions of international firms  (see relative web page).