Tor Vergata University

Our Firm officially cooperates with the “Department of Business Studies” of the School of Economics at the “Tor Vergata” Rome University, Economics & International Management, in...

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  • European Court of Human Rights 15/07/2018

    Our firm is experienced in assisting and representing both companies and individuals in International Forums on such issues as Taxation, Administration, and Procedural Law, in particular those...

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  • Iran Conference 25/09/2016


    Conference organized by University of Rome "Tor Vergata" and "International Firm Hooman".

    To Attend please write to



    For further information see...

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  • Electronic Invoicing 10/03/2015


    As of March 31st 2015 the electronic invoicing procedure becomes mandatory towards all public administrations.


    • Invoices must be in xml format, undersigned with electronic signature, with...
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Our International Office is made-up of various Professionals, such as Certified Public Accountants, University Professors, Attorneys and Labor Consultants, with at least one postgraduate degree, to guarantee a high standard of training.   

The Office offers Consultancy and Assistance in matters of Tax, Corporate Law, Company, Accounting, of Labour & Legal matters, both on a national and international level. Thanks to our locations, as well as to our international Partners, we are able to offer whatever assistance our clients may need, in numerous countries directly. Consultancies can also take place in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Farsi.

The high specialization in the international field allows us to assist clients in multiple markets, making our service one of a wide-ranging support. 

Ours is an integrated service that allows our clients to turn to just one office to obtain what is normally acquired through multiple dialogues with various people. This obviously entails a more effective and efficient management of the clients’ problems, besides presenting advantages of economic, time, organizational and work-coordination nature.

Our Office officially cooperates with the “Department of Business Studies” of the Economics Faculty at the “Tor Vergata” Rome University, Chair of Economics & Management of International Companies, in carrying-out research activities of an international nature. (Prot. 07/21/2008 DSI).


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